Impossible to use app while debugging with LLDB - Sigabort


Hi Everyone!

My topic seems to be almost the same that this one: Lldb调试问题,没有操作自己报错 but since it’s not English written I can’t read it ^^ !

Problem :

  • I’m using an iPhone 6 running on iOS 9.3.x
  • I prepared lldb debug server as explain in iOSRE book
  • as you can see on the screen capture below, I attach the server to WhatsApp. Continue without setting any breakpoint. And finally the app got killed itself without reason.

Do you have any idea to help me ?

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


anti debugging it seems
99% of the time it’s sysctl ptrace and their variations


After the app is killed you can type bt and use the stack backtrace to locate the portion of code that initialized the anti-debugging mechanism


Hey @Zhang, thanks for your fast answer.

I’ve cloned your repo and installed the tweak file as I usually do.
It does not seems to change something. What should this tweak do?

I can not use bt after the app is killed. However I can use it just before, when a breakpoint is set (see screenshot below).

I don’t know if I did something wrong or misunderstood something. Could you give me more info?

I really appreciate your help,
thanks again !


Hey @Zhang,

I’ve reinstalled my tweak and you tweak just to be sure and now it seems to work like a charm!

Thanks again!

I hope it’ll continue to work now! :slight_smile: