Jailbreak - iPad mini 1 (CDMA)



a little question because I can’t sort this out by googling it.

I have an iPad mini 1 (CDMA) and I want to jailbreak it. I’ve read that jailbreak 9.3.3 is available only for 64bit devices, so my device isn’t eligible.

Is it possible to jailbreak it with a lower version or something or jailbreaking isn’t possible at all on this device?

Thank you and please forgive me for this silly question.



Not possible at all afaik.
low level exploit: not known. At least not public discussed.
Software exploit: seems like 32bit’s ROP chain is hard to build thus results in a unstable process,thus not released -----Lucas Todesco

tl;dr : GGWP


so not even by reverting to the 8.4.0?

this is bad…


What we do here ,in your situation, is simply order a new device with jailbreak-able OS version online