Bypass jailbreak detection - hiring someone

Hello. I’ve been trying to bypass a jailbreak detection in an app for a couple of days now without any luck. Am I allowed to hire someone through these forums?

So if someone have experience maybe you could reply here. This is for $$ not expecting to get something for free. Thanks.


I have sent a direct message, as I am unsure wether I can post IPA/app here in public.

this tweak will work

It does not work, but thank you for the suggestion.

On the topic. I have done some work on this problem myself and solved some detections but there is more to do.

If it’s not work you should debug the program and find out which way they are detecting

  • Search for SVC Instruction
  • Probably checking if an obscure path can be opened/exists/, in which, comparing the results on a stock iOS device would be a good idea

Right, I actually spent 3-4 weeks trying to debug, disassemble, hook, follow methods to try to get this to work myself. I documented a lot here [removed link, can DM] and I have another 50 page document locally with notes. I probably spent 100+ hours on this.

I am only a beginner at RE like this, and the jailbreak detection they use is from a company that specializes in this so they have a lot of brain power and resources.

For now I have taken a break, I might continue to investigate this later. Thanks for the suggestions.


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