Change UIWebView to UIWebKit in MachO file

How can we change UIWebView to UIWebKit on MachO file because when submitting the new app to iTunes connect apple doesn’t accept app that contains UIWebView?

We already told you it’s almost impossible to do this on linked IPAs without tremendous amount of work and pixel-perfect byte-manipulation which requires skillsets you obviously don’t have.

Not my problem that whatever dumbfuck coded the framework your app depends on still lives in 2010. That being said, If it enabled bitcode it’ll be a bit easier, otherwise you’ll likely need, again, byte-manipulation to rename the dependency of UIWebView to let’s say another class called UIVVVView, then you’ll need to implement a whole compatibility layer on top of it.

Again, not my problem

The actual difficulty of the aforementioned steps depends on a lot of implementation details which requires analyzing the code/binary which you never provided