Dump encrypted iOS app

I write a tool to dump encrypted iOS app(include frameworks), It is convenient and simple. I hope you will like it!

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Nice, so what’s the improvement over existing ones? clutch, frida-ios-dump, etc

clutch doesn’t support decrypt Frameworks && frida-ios-dump needs python support

Hmmm I remember Clutch attempted to support frameworks quite a while ago

I decrypt an app successly with dumpexec. 3ks

Happy you like it

I just used clutch recently and it was able to dump the Frameworks that were embedded with the Appstore Apps. Maybe they only recently added it?

I will try it later

congrats @abit

It isn’t work for me.
OS: 11.2.6

use unc0ver jb

Sorry for that, dumpexec only support iOS 8 - iOS 10 due to the mechanism of DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES, DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES not works on iOS11-iOS12

iOS12 support now

dumpexec only support iOS 8 - iOS 10

I don’t get your point …