How to Install wechat tweak on iPhone via SSH

Can someone guide me how to install WeChat Tweak via SSH on my jailbroken iPhone,
iOS 13.3.1
iPhone X
Tweak is available on Github
All the information is in Chinese, Translation is not clear,
Please Help
Thanks in Advance.

Basically you need to put .dylib file under /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibrary and create a filter file for substrate to load it when open wechat.

Anyway, github link?

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If Possible please write the complete installation process. Once Again Thanks a Lot

Cant post the link here, btw dgynfi is repo where you can find it.


iOS 版功能最全的微信插件,支持最新版微信,具备自动抢红包,屏蔽消息和群消息,过滤特定的群聊,防止撤回消息,伪定位 (朋友圈和附近的人) ,修改微信运动步数和实时取景做信息内容页的聊天背景等功能。

Looks like this repo doesn’t provide any built packages. If you just want a wechat tweak, I recommend to install one from [ wechat hook pro ]

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scp ./debs root@localhost:/root/ | ssh root@localhost dpkg -i xxx.debs
wget https://xx.xx.xx.debs | ssh root@localhost dpkg -i xxx.debs
curl -o https://xx.xx.xx.debs | ssh root@localhost dpkg -i xxx.debs

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There isn’t a deb release. ( Or I didn’t see it.

Too much to build from source.

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I am Using Wechat Hook Pro… but some of it’s features are not working properly on my phone. such as

  1. Voice message Forward,
  2. Auto Reply with trigger keywords etc

.and another problem that i am facing after installing WechatHookPro is that i am Unable to install other Tweaks, such as Fun-Multiplier, and few other.