Looking for Jailbreak

Salute to everyone!

First of all, great community!

I have a few ideas I want to bring to life but due to my lack of iOS coding knowledge, I need someone to help me. I will be able to donate to the developer for their work. :smile:

Looking forward to this! Thank you!

We usually require these:
Payment Info:
How will the developer receive his salary.
The amount

Requirement Info:
Detailed explanation of your requirement(s) .

Also, wrong section

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FYI. There are developers waiting for a job in /r/jailbreak. They might know your requirement better than us (Under some circumstances)

I am able to pay using PayPal or in most form of Gift Cards.

The amount can be decided by the developer. :smile:


Are you interested by any chance? It’s not a complicated project which will take weeks upon weeks. I believe it will take a week at maximum depending on the free time you have.

Again. Please provide detailed requirements

So the app will display all of the user installed apps and will give the user the options to perform a few actions (3-4 different actions) upon the installed app.

I guess something like **Clutch2** which shows Apps Installed. 
We use it to decrypt encrypted files.

define Action

Remove aslr, debugging protections, dumping headers etc.

I do have all the codes.

Unfortunately they might not perfectly suit your needs

Example: NO GUI

Are you able to make a GUI with those features as that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. :smile:

Anyway thanks for another nice idea to put into my OpenSource RE ToolKit

Are you able to message me? :smile:

It looks like we can both benefit from this idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

define “Benefit”

Meaning the code used to help build the idea for me will also help you in your project. :smile:

But my project is open source : )

Anyway. I got your idea. Will implement (or refactor, a.k.a. “Rewrite From Scratch”) when I have time

Also. runtime class-dump is already available on my Github

I don’t really mind. I like open source projects and they’re very beneficial to everyone! :smile:

Is there somewhere where we can keep in touch? I’d also like to donate to you for your work and time you’ll be spending on this. :slight_smile:

It’s my personal gift for the whole community.
Therefore, instead of donations, i need contributions and testing.
The Project is live at github.com/Naville/WTFJH

Most modules ain’t tested. You have been warned : )