My tweak are not working on iOS 11.2 Electra Jailbreak

Hey guys,

My Problem:
I absolutely need to install my tweak on iPhone 6 running on IOS 11.2 jailbroken with Electra.
I’ve installed PreferenceLoader, SubstrateSubstituteLayer and followed many tutorial but I still can’t have my tweak working.

My device:
iPhone 6, iOS 11.2, Electra Jailbreak

What I do:
I create a very poor tweak. I try to tweak Apple Preference app for testing purpose.
The tweak only %hook NSData and applies an NSLog once a new NSData is inited.
This tweak works very well on another iPhone 6 running on ios 9.x.

What’s the problem:
It’s impossible to have it working on iOS 11.2. There is no crash or special bad behavior. Just nothing occurs. The app runs as expected but the tweak is like never triggered.

Do you have any solution for that?

Thanks guys :slight_smile: