Planning to do my first Tweak!

Hello! absolute noob here, have experience in C and C++ programming. Had the idea of a Scrollmeter(something that shows how many meters you’ve scrolled today) in a dream today and thought I’d realize it! Now my phone is jailbroken already and I know the basic things about jailbreaking and repos etc… But I have no skills in programming ObjC or Swift. Do you think it is too hard to do realize? And do you maybe have some tips where I could start?

Congratulations you just answered your own question

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Ok, so I guess knowing ObjC and Swift is mandatory?
I just thought, since it isn’t such a big tweak that there are other options. I’ve also seen people using FLEX to do tweaks and I was not sure if that’s an option too.

That’s only for verrrrrry naive tweaks, like changing one value of a simple ObjC method. Your Scrollmeter takes wayyyyyy more effort than that

Thanks a lot for the answer!