RE newbie: RE of a swift app

Hi there,
I’m a iOS developer that recently got interested in RE. Reading the book you’ve written is amazing, but I would like to ask a couple of questions.

First would be: is the RE process of a pure Obj-C app similar to the one for a Obj-C + Swift app? Are the two processes different at all?

Second: class-dump is working just with Obj-C, is there a similar tool that works with Swift as well?

Finally: I tried setting up Theos as shown in the book but when I come to the “setting up CydiaSubstrate”, I’m missing the “/opt/theos/bin/”. Is this step mandatory? I was able to create a Theos project nonetheless.

I’m looking so much forward learning more about iOS RE!


Yes and No.

Class-Dump mechanism still works ,but only for OC part and current tools require some modification.

Yes, No.
Swift is more like traditional C/C++ functions with no class-dump shit. Unless the class is a subclass of NSObject.

That step is no longer needed

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Thanks for the reply.

Could you possibly suggest me anything to learn a bit more about the Swift RE? As I said, I’m really interested in that part as well.


Google “Swift Demangle”. Which is equal to C++filt for C++ symbols.

The rest is the same as standard RE

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