Reveal1.5.1 Trial版本一直显示no connection,已经装了reveal loader,但设置里没显示。

new user can’t upload image



你再装个preference loader试试看


是iOS 8,但其他版本应该也没问题

确定不是网络问题么? 电脑热点分个网络给手机试试。有的情况是网络问题!

同样是连接不上。 ios 8.1.1

重装了preference Loader,重启目标App,在同一网段下,依旧显示"no connection"


  1. System App UI is unaviable.
  2. The app should also be a foreground running process besides being checked in the settings

Sorry to have bothered you.

The second reason may be due to that the Reveal is on trial.

  1. Not really. I’ve taken system Apps like Calculator and AppStore as examples on the book.
  2. Sure. Apps to be revealed must be running in the foreground, this is the exact reason.

Wow!You are right! I have successfully tried MobileNote and Clock just now. (What a fool I made conclusion by only one example yesterday :tired_face: :sob: )
But calendar failed all the time.Why?
Confused :cold_sweat:
Thank you.

I’ve taken a look at Calendar and failed too. The syslog output:

May  7 17:41:09 FunMaker-5 MobileCal[2020]: ERROR: Reveal Server failed to start with error: Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=1 "Operation not permitted" UserInfo=0x15d887a0 {NSLocalizedFailureReason=Error in bind() function, NSLocalizedDescription=Operation not permitted}

Seems it’s because MobileCalendar possesses a higher permission than other system Apps. You can dig further from here if you’re interested :smile:

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A solution(ClickMe)

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Let’s look at how you can solve your problem with ldid. First, you dump entitlements with

ldid -e MobileCal > entitlements.xml
Then you edit dumped entitlements and resign the app binary with

ldid -Sentitlements.xml MobileCal
(Yes, there is no space between -S and entitlement file).

It doesn’t work?

helloworldMoblie:~ root# ldid -Sentitlements.xml MobileCal
./minimal/mapping.h(54): _assert(false); errno=2

ldid on iOS seems to be broken. Try again with ldid on OSX

some error too.
minimal/mapping.h(54): _assert(false); errno=2

Where’s your ldid from?
Try joedj’s version and let me know