Running a simple c program in jailbroken iPad

Hey guys! In my jailbroken iPad running with iOS 12.1, I wrote a simple “hello world” program to run on it. The compilation was ok clang hello.c -isysroot /var/sdks/iPhoneOS11.1.sdk -o hello and then I ran ldid -S hello. When I try to run it, I am getting the following error: Killed: 9. Any clues about how to solve this issue?

IIRC There is a command-line tool shipped on your jailbroken device called injectXXXXX, you need that to inject the binary into trust cache.
Because Apple sucks big balls

follow this,it will work for you.

clang hello.c -arch arm64 -isysroot /Applications/ -o hello

ldid -e `which bash` > ent.xml
ldid -Sent.xml `which hello`