Similar forum to or create new forum with good design?

Hello guys,

I don’t want to be rude, but this forum is really really bad. Only one category for English speakers and every post is lost in this mess of newly created threads.

Are there any good forums with iPhone / Mac reversing community?

We should create new forum, with good design of categories. Why not use Reddit? Because it’s blocked in China?

Because 99% of the users here are Chinese

Same as above, for Chinese speakers threads are in proper category

Some game cheating forum would satisfy to some extent. No full-fledged one afaik.

It’s not, most Chinese don’t have such experience or willing to give it a whirl.

If there are enough non-Chinese users I’m more than happy to add more English Categories

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As the second most priviledged admin here. I personally would want to avoid making iOSRE a forum where illegal sh1t happens. For example reversing Instagram / FB Message. I don’t want to sound too
harsh, but those have questionable motivation and thus forcing us to make choices to avoid potential legal issues.

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To be more precise, every English post is lost in this mess of newly created Chinese threads, and that’s because there’s only 1 English post out of 1000 Chinese ones, regardless of how many categories are there for English speakers.

So the solution is that you invite 1000 more English users to this forum and make each of them create at least 1 topic. Then I’ll let you be the English admin so you can create as many categories as you want. How does that sound? :grin:

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