simulateTouch make error

➜ SimulateTouch make

Making all for tweak SimulateTouch…
==> Linking tweak SimulateTouch (armv7)…
ld: framework not found GraphicsServices
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make[3]: *** [/Users/admin/Desktop/SimulateTouch/.theos/obj/debug/armv7/SimulateTouch.dylib] Error 1
make[2]: *** [/Users/admin/Desktop/SimulateTouch/.theos/obj/debug/armv7/SimulateTouch.dylib] Error 2
make[1]: *** [internal-library-all_] Error 2
make: *** [SimulateTouch.all.tweak.variables] Error 2

not found

What do you mean


  • 我也遇到这个问题了,找了个三方SDK,不报这个错了,但是又出现了新的错误,应该是解决方案不对