Ue4dumper help !!

Does anyone know how to find gwolrd in ue4 ios game?
i checked gworld android 64bit and ios but it’s diferent.
thanks in advance everyone.

you need to read the source about ue4: a ue4 game example.

then, in source code, find the gworld characteristic。and find characteristic in demo after complied.

and,last,you can check where you find is ok!

do this until getting check return True.

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Hmm what you using to decrypt app(can i use crackerxi) and what u using to reverse ida or hoper ?

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emm,i got a demo,from git.and find special msg string ,then check the string in ida.
when find the string in ida,around using the string asm code,you will find the code characteristic.

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Wow that nice can you sent me link in dm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: