Undeclared identifier error on theos and iosopendev

when i tried to compile my projects on theos its getting these errors … and its occuring on iOSOpenDev too … any suggestion please … :frowning:

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replace HBLogError into %c(HBLogError)

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where does HBLogError come from?

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its from my XXTweak.xm 's NSLog(@…)
its showing in XXTweak.mm file from my iOSOpenDev project

The NSLog method from Logos file is automatically converted to HBLog in main .mm file

then i guess it’s from 3rd party frameworks or implementations, you’ll have to import them manually

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I have the same problem! Are you using kirb’s theos?

yea I used it … and copied the included header files from that theos to iOSOpenDev 's header path … now i solved with a way, that is reinstalled theos

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Which theos did you reinstall? And can you share the link to the headers you used? iOSOpenDev’s include folder doesn’t have HBLogger.

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i just reinstalled kirk’s theos … u shouldnt use theos’ include headers, such as substrate.h, in iosopendev include. i dont know why did that happen … but I got some strange errors that happened before on theos … I think it was headers fragmentation …

have a try:

#define HBLogError NSLog

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your method very easy!thank you!

theos/theos works for me though