Youtube Channel?

Hi, Snakeninny. Your book is amazing, but have you ever thought about using an Youtube channel or other video streaming to present some tutorials on how to create tweaks? I like how clear you teach on you book and I think it would be a great idea if you had a channel to teach there too.

Hi, actually I do have recorded a series of video tutorial in English, but they are hosted on a Chinese website. I think google translate can help though?

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you soooo much, my friend!!!

Unfortunately, I just realized that I would need a chinese cellphone number to have full access to your videos, otherwise I’m only able to see less than 5 minutes of it. :frowning:

How about contacting the site admin?
To be honest, I prefer the book because it’s more detailed and rookie friendly. The videos are only a briefing which needs the book to complement

A bit late. The main problem here is all our admins / authors/co-authors are wayyy too busy with other stuff. And if you know China you’ll definitely realize the amount of piracy here makes any attempt at continuing this series of iOSRE books a bit (re)tardy because it’s simply an unprofitable thing to do.
If one day there is some kind of chance that we can guarantee that the time and effort we spend on it will worth it, then sure I’m all in and I’m sure snakeninny would agree to some extent as well. But until then, I guess none of us would be interested in it.